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Serge Averbukh

Serge Averbukh

Toronto, ON


Most of what you see here should be classified as new media paintings. By default, those are digitally signed and dated Open Edition (OE) giclee prints. I also offer Limited Editions of twenty one (21), which are listed here as the 'originals' (Please, contact me directly for details). Each limited edition print comes with certificate of authenticity. It is individually signed, numbered, and personally enhanced by the artist to assure its uniqueness. Those are produced using finest archival materials, and will be shipped rolled in tube, unless requested otherwise, (i.e. as framed, canvas, framed canvas, metal, etc.), in which case additional charges may apply.
Briefly, about myself... A Toronto-based artist/designer/illustrator, specializing in heraldry, yet, constantly and passionately creating in various media, such as traditional art, new media, photography and mixed media. Among other things, I am a heraldic artist with ProHeraldica (USA), ProHeraldica (Europe) and Fine Legacy (Authentic Coats of Arms & Treasures).
Another passion of mine is working with vintage and antique images. Some examples from this body of work could also be found in my galleries.
Commissions are welcome. Please, feel free to contact me in case if you have any questions or comments. I hope you enjoy your visit. Cheers.

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